Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cassette Review: You're Jovian "They Were Selected And Divided" (Funny/Not Funny Records)

You're Jovian has the distinction of being a band that starts with the letter "Y" so they end up at the end of a lot of rosters and even as I write reviews and then archive them alphabetically I can tell you that the further along you get in the alphabet the less artist names there are.   I always wondered why someone didn't start their artist name with an X or Z if they wanted to be noticed since those letters go mostly unused (even the letter "i").    Regardless, I don't like people telling me what I am or am not, but I like to think of this band name as being like "Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider", you know, like one of those playground jumprope rhymes.   Anyone else feeling that vibe?  Just me?

Right away, I hear this sort of droning fuzz coming out in You're Jovian in a dark way.   It reminds me of The Cure in a lot of ways- at least through the first few listens- but the more that I listen to it, the more I can pick apart the layers and hear different sounds which weren't as obvious before.    I could put this in some sort of -gaze genre but I don't think shoegaze is accurate.   Overall it does tend to have this dreamy sort of feel to it because I imagine these songs being played with the band up high in the clouds and that does make me think dreamgaze.

A couple of other big influences for me come out in this even though I could argue that by combining their own unique blend of rock music You're Jovian has indeed crafted something original.   I hear a bit of Superdrag in here.   It may not be in the vocals but it's in the musical aspect of it for sure.   There is this one song (And all of "Regretfully Yours" is a great album) that goes "I don't even wonder if they're gonna put me under" and You're Jovian reminds me mostly of that specific song though, again, the Superdrag does come through in this in a most excellent way.

The other influences that can come out in here are Smashing Pumpkins and likewise Silversun Pickups.   Now, Smashing Pumpkins is such a broad catalog of music for me to say that because so many songs sound so different but if you can imagine the way that a band like Smashing Pumpkins might have influenced Silversun Pickups and as such they influenced You're Jovian... Yeah, it's like some sort of birth cycle only instead of each one taking a little less away from the previous incarnation they seem to be getting stronger and better with time.  (But, no, I did not just imply that Silversun Pickups are better than Smashing Pumpkins.   Save me your angry emails)

When you add up these influences and then the personalities of each of the members of You're Jovian you do get something original in terms of rock sound.   If you're a fan of any of the bands I've mentioned then you will enjoy this.   If you just enjoy hearing something different you will enjoy this.   Who knows, maybe you can pull something like the Flaming Lips out of this as an influence.    But it's definitely a genre of rock music I blast from my bedroom whilst doing dishes in the kitchen and, yes, it still does hold that Cure sense to it still.  

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