Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Pyramidal "Come Home" (Already Dead Tapes)

For some reason I always think Pyramidal is on Illumnated Paths in the sense I reviewed them previously on that label but when I search the archives all I can find is Pyramidal on Already Dead (Is there a Pyramidal cassette on IP?  Can one of the Joshes clear the air for me here please?  Haha)   Not being the first time I'm hearing Pyramidal is the main point of this paragraph-- their name is one that I recognize; one that I know I enjoy.

What could be described as chillwave has audio clips in it.   There is this Pong back and forth sound at one point which for some reason reminds me of AWOLNATION but don't ask me why-- it's one of those things you'll either hear or you won't I suppose.    But between the sounds themselves and the audio clips you will realize that, yes, this is all truly based on a circle.    And a cassette is a circle in the sense that if you listen to it from start to finish you never have to rewind or fast forward.
Another funny aspect of this cassette for me is the track "Never Eat Breakfast", which has the line of the title repeated in it quite a bit.    See... My thing is, our whole lives we're basically told that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".    But for me, even when I'm awake before noon (To be fair, I'm usually awake by 9 am but I go to sleep late still) I'm just not hungry.   I'm a late eater.   Sometimes I don't get hungry until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.    Now, here is what I wonder.   Is breakfast something you eat before noon or just your first meal of the day?  (Burger King will decide)

I enjoy listening to music to the extent that you become familiar with an artist and find more than one cassette by them that you like, but when you can also pull these bits out of them like about breakfast it just makes it feel that much more personal-- I don't know, I just relate to this probably more than I rightfully should and probably more than other people would whether or not they eat breakfast.    But yeah, put this on, lounge around or be active but just most importantly let it put you in a good mood.

$5 // Edition of 60 //

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