Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Stolen Jars "glint"

There was a time when I would keep up with music that was not on the radio per se but known as being on those "college radio charts" but that was years ago.   I could name the artists and labels but I haven't done that in years-- I've just slept soundly knowing that I wasn't aware of the new release by a band such as Tame Impala.     I am submitted any number of singles per day that have that sort of pop rock sound which reminds me of those albums I no longer spend my time listening to because if you want to know about them I'd suggest visiting some other website and I think you can get at what I'm talking about.

All of those bands I don't really listen to are based upon the reason that they all sound the same and they're all making the same album over and over again.   At first, Stolen Jars gives off that sound of being another pop rock/college radio type of band.    It has that blissful appeal that you could relate to some other band I've long since forgotten about because it's an artist cast aside, that I no longer write about.

These songs have layers.    Right away you can hear complex guitars which put Stolen Jars a step above the rest, but it's just the different aspects of the music which make this stand out and so great.    The thing is, for me to describe this to you is not easy.   There are female vocals at times along with male vocals-- sometimes they are together, sometimes one takes the lead.    There are various instruments outside of the typical guitar/bass/drums and even keys, but I mean, we could think of a band like Architecture In Helsinki or Arcade Fire (See me date myself there?) if you want to get into that "indie rock band with a lot of members" thing.

So what is it that makes Stolen Jars capture such a rare sound?   I'd argue it is not the exact components going into their music (Even though each player has their vital role) but rather the delivery of it all.    A lot of what I hear in here but would be quickly to pass on writing about comes from a song such as "Animals" by Neon Trees and then it just breaks down from there.   But in that sense, you expect songs to do a certain thing-- they follow a certain pattern which makes me not want to write about them but Stolen Jars breaks away from that pattern.

It is also worth noting how much I love the lyrics on these songs.    A lot of thought and effort was put into them and though they do have that capability where you could sing along with them, the fact is a lot of bands come off as being like "Well, what rhymes with this?" and Stolen Jars seems to focus more on the actual meaning in their lyrics than the rhyming and all of that, so it is different than something you might hear on the radio because it is deeper.    Stolen Jars, in a sentence, is that pop rock/indie rock/college radio type of band only on a higher level, both proving that they are a category all their own but also that other more accomplished acts should take notice and realize they could create something more meaningful, such as Stolen Jars has here, if they so desired.

$5 // Edition of 200 //

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