Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cassette Review: Tölva "Manudaga" (BLIGHT. Records)

Describing music as "electronic" seems to be vague since it is simply one word and there are so many different pieces of music to which it can apply, but in the case of Tölva it becomes even more vague as each song can seemingly carry its own style which can ultimately be described as "electronic" but still has its own feel.

From the start there is this intense looping that just gets stuck in my head and makes me remember everything about this cassette as soon as I hear it.    It is undeniably distinguishable.    From there, we get into these serious sort of Nine Inch Nails synth patterns, then into the world of video games (which could or could not be related to Castlevania simply because I'm watching that series on Netflix right now so it's in my head)

After a brief stint with what could be taken the movie "Bladerunner"- a real intense sci-fi sort of futuristic jam- we get taken into that serious "Law & Order" side before audio clips shine through and we move into something between an alien experience and the theme from "Doctor Who".   Since I'm not really into "Doctor Who" though I wonder if I should start referencing "Rick and Morty" there instead.

Tingling sorts of piano keys seem to close out the cassette and in some ways it takes me back to the 1980's/early 1990's, with that early computer sound feel that also recalls "Doogie Howser".   Yes, I have used these various comparison points over time to describe different pieces of music but I don't believe they've all ever been combined like this before to form some sort of super-electronic cassette but, yes, this is one of my favorite pieces of electronic music and something I would point out for anyone to listen to based on the quality.

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