Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cassette Review: Denzel Curry "13" (Loma Vista)

For over twenty years I've been listening to hip hop.   To say that I've been listening to it since the beginning seems like a stretch though because I was just a kid back then (Though in my teens)    But I still don't feel like hip hop was really that strong or found its success for the first time until after 1980 which brought with it the advent of the cassette.   So when I think about how I grew up listening to my rap cassettes, I really do feel like there is that entire culture based on cassettes and not just for me personally.   So to be able to enjoy this Denzel Curry cassette is something I am truly grateful to be a part of in 2017.

Of all the rappers I've listened to from past to present, I can honestly say I've never heard one like Denzel Curry before.    I've listened to (and do right now still) a lot of what I think to be slower rappers, more like the chill type of rap, and that's fine.   Back before this there was fun rap and that had some levels of energy to it but in a different way.   Denzel Curry has this punk rock attitude to his rap.   His beats hit hard and his lyrics hit harder and faster.    If I could be so bold as to compare it to boxing, I feel like a lot of other rappers have this idea of wearing out the other fighter with numerous body blows whilst Denzel Curry provides that one knockout punch.

I think we've all seen that viral video where some teenage kid supposedly raps a lot of words in a short period of time.   The difference between that kid and how fast Denzel Curry raps is that Denzel Curry actually fully pronounces all of his words, something other rappers who claim to rap fast simply cannot do and there is an entire subculture of rap based around this with a lot of debate so you can google that for yourself and go down that rabbithole.  (But, yes, Denzel Curry does speak each of his words unlike others I won't mention by name but can point you to that virl video from some years back)

While this cassette features only four songs, each one hits harder than the one before it which seems impossible since he starts off by claiming he's the ultimate and dropping a lot of f-bombs (which, again, I believe holds true to that punk rock style)   His lyrics are amazing if you can catch them all and my favorite thing about this is that I've always been fascinated by music that I can't make-- that it is just too good.   If you listen to a song by another rapper... let's say Dr. Dre "G Thang", which is a classic.   It's easy to rap along with it and even have all of the words memorized yourself.    But I feel like that is something which I- and a lot of other people- will never be able to do with the music of Denzel Curry.  

Put this one on loud.   Either out of your car or your stereo at home.   This is what you should be playing as loud as you possibly can if you want people around you to take notice.    And, well, Denzel Curry is undoubtedly the future of hip hop so listen to him now before everyone is talking about him and you feel left out because, uh... the future starts right now.

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