Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cassette Review: Claudius Loik "Kirschen In Nachbars Garten" (Froh & Munter Records)

I don't want this to overshadow this review in any way, but the original adapter I had to plug my tape player into the wall broke and I bought this universal adapter for my keyboard and realized that worked for the past however many years I've been using that one.   Well, after listening to this cassette this morning I unplugged my tape player to move it and set up shop listening to other cassettes in another room and the adapter cord officially got frayed to the point that it could not be fixed.  

No stranger to the music of Claudius Loik I jumped right into this cassette.    It is rather long so it took me many listens to fully digest it and as such it's not something you're going to listen to once or twice and be like "I get this!" but you will enjoy the 1980's synth qualities of it.    Perhaps there are more instrumental songs on here than ones with words but I don't mind because I find the music to speak for itself on a lot of levels.    Whenever I know I have a long task ahead of me (Such as printing out countless shipping labels for eBay) I like to put this on and make my mood better.

The odd side of this is that for all of the times that I've listened to it now I've taken any notes about it.   I'm usually one to take more notes than not, but I've always just kind of got swept away by this music and never jotted down any bits or pieces about it.    I know that may seem odd but it just makes this cassette that much more impressive to-- that it resonates with me without having to scribble my thoughts about as to why.

Including a cover of Depeche Mode's "Waiting For The Night" and a special song only available on the cassette and CD version (non-digital), Claudius Loik is helping to emphasize the importance of physical music-- that we should have something to be able to have and hold since a lot of people feel like digital music isn't worth paying for since they can't do that very thing-- and of course Froh & Munter Records is always on point.

€4 // Edition of 10 //

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