Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cassette Review: Cop Funeral "Part Time Pay / Paid Vacation" (1980 Records)

So this is my second time hearing Cop Funeral and the first was on Already Dead Tapes so I know this will be good.   I actually like the name 1980 Records because I believe that a lot of great things happened in the 1980's and also, um, I was born in 1980 so there is also that.   You know, I don't care about time really (it's all relative) but do you think kids born in 2000 or 2010 are going to look back fondly and be like, "Yeah, things really peaked then.   We had our 15th remake of the Spider-Man movie franchise..."  I mean, things in general (from a mainstream perspective) seem to be getting worse as a lot of trends just come back around and whether it be Hollywoo or whoever runs the music industry (LA? NYC?) they just don't seem to want to hear original ideas.

This cassette begins with static.   It has this bug zapper sort of twang to it as well.   Siren like whirrs come in next and then it goes to this place that is somewhere between Hitchcock and Tarantino (Which, I could honestly write a paper about the similarities between their movies so no wonder their scores seem to be so closely linked).   Whooshes and whirrs come out in space before I focus on this Atari sound.   I look to Google for help because of the game I am thinking of.   What it is involves a spaceship of sorts on a base moving only left and right, shooting upwards at alien spaceships descending upon it.     They tell me it's Space Invaders but I keep thinking Asteroids (And I know, I know, in Asteroids you could move the ship around)

Side will end with water.   Side B will start with distorted drone and tones.   Can I make drone 'n' tone a thing like rock 'n' roll?   An alarm-like sound takes us into a certain amount of psychedelic trill.   The sounds become wavy, like an electric sea.   Lasers and lightsaber sounds pierce through to the ending and if this is a "Paid Vacation" it sounds like the type from which you might not return.  Isn't it also odd that "Part Time Pay" and "Paid Vacation" rarely go together?  Why is it that if you only work part-time you get no benefits?   If your full time employees get, say, two weeks paid vacation, shouldn't part time employees get one week then?

In addition to the previous cassette I reviewed by Cop Funeral, there are two singles on the Bandcamp which can be downloaded at a name your price option while there are also two cassettes-- one is a split that will eventually be reviewed here and the other is a cassette which is sold out but can still be downloaded at pay what you want price.    So I really do just recommend getting all of this music you can, listening to it on cassette and really also just play it as loudly as you possibly can for the fullest experience.  

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