Monday, August 29, 2016

Loose Cannon Fodder #34 [08.26.16]

We began this week on Friday night by watching Raw, which oddly enough most of it fit into the Hulu 90 minute replay and... It's... A... Three hour show.    I feel badly for those who watched this in the full three hour time slot live.    The show opened with Finn Balor giving up the Universal Title because WWE booking is a mess and that set up a Fatal Fourway for next week to determine a new champion and the qualifying matches tonight took up most of the show.    That and The Dudleyz retiring for some reason.

Seth Rollins won the first match against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens defeated Neville, Big Cass defeated Rusev and in the main event Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho to put the four way match next week as Rollins-Owens-Cass-Reigns.   Wouldn't it be something if Big Cass somehow won it??   It is funny though that we came *that* close to Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn again, and yet instead we get Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns again.   I know that it seems most likely at this point Seth Rollins will win since he was in the match against Finn Balor on Sunday at Summerslam and can be seen as the number two guy or whatever in that sense, but I'd really like to see Kevin Owens win.   At least this adds a slight bit of mystery to next week's Raw.

In non-qualifying matches, we did not see Big E defeat Karl Anderson nor did we see something happen with Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, but other than those two parts and a Braun Strowman squash match we didn't miss anything which is so strange.   Were those three segments really an additional hour and a half worth of TV time?   WWE doesn't make sense sometimes, but I'm certainly happy for the Hulu replay.

Bayley made her Raw debut and defeated Dana Brooke since Charlotte wanted the night off.  I just want to see Charlotte and Asuka beat the crap out of each other at this point.   Also, how did it go about with Mick Foley where he's like "We've signed the hottest female free agent to Raw!"??  What makes Bayley a free agent?   Is everyone in NXT a free agent?  If so, since Shelton Benjamin was set to return to Smack Down! and now he's not, why can't they just bring up Samoa Joe or someone else?  Did Bayley become a free agent by losing her match with Asuka and kind of having an NXT send off that night?  I really don't understand this and I wish that someone would explain it to me but I doubt anyone ever will.

There were a ton of segments leading up to The Dudleyz retirement and all I could think was what would happen if they kept these segments in for some reason and then edited out the actual in ring segment.   That would have been funny, but I had to see it anyway.   The Shining Stars- who had all those vignettes on Raw and seemingly disappeared onto Superstars, Main Event and being cut from the Hulu replay- came out and of course The Dudleyz got to do one last 3-D through a table and all that-- their old tired routine and then they got attacked by Karl Anderson and Luke "Doc" Gallows.   Will we get an eventual Club vs. Dudleyz match?   Probably not, but oh well.   I just want to see The Club as tag team champions now so they can run wild on Raw since I thought that was why they were brought into WWE.   Though The Dudleyz did fight on the Summerslam pre-show, so there's that bad booking decision as well.

Impact opened with a battle royal won by Mike Bennett, who is now apparently going to get to face Lashley... again.    Jeff Hardy lost a match to Abyss and I just keep thinking of how back in the day there was this Toy Biz two pack with these two guys in it and while it might seem like TNA has come a long way, I feel like they really haven't.   Speaking of which, Allie won a battle royal or some such nonsense to become the new Knockouts Champion.   Don't worry, women of TNA, if you haven't been champion yet you will be eventually.   Really, is Marti Belle the only woman in TNA who hasn't held the title yet?  (I feel like Rosemary hasn't had a fair run as a wrestler yet)   Soon, Dixie Carter will somehow hold that title, just watch.

Aron Rex has this backstage promo thing where he basically says whoever loses the EC3-Drew Galloway match tonight will be likely facing him at Bound for Glory because they'll get mad at him.   He didn't really say that, but it's what I heard.   Then Drew Galloway pushed EC3 into a pool and EC3 did the spitting out water thing HHH does and it was kind of funny-- perhaps the only highlight so far on this otherwise seeming waste of show.

Speaking of waste, here comes Eli Drake.    Drake talked to most of the X Division as there will be a gauntlet match next week to crown a new champion.   I'm not sure why TNA didn't instead just have some kind of qualifying matches for the gauntlet, but I suppose it's because they can't afford to contract the talent for one night even though we recently saw Chuck Taylor in TNA and this would also be a good use of him.   But no, this Eli Drake shit was much better than actual, you know, wrestling.

EC3 defeated Drew Galloway in the main event to keep his spot against Lashley in 37 nights.    Galloway took exception with Aron Rex for whatever reason and that looks like it will now be Aron Rex's first feud in TNA when, you know, we could see Aron Rex see fight a TNA original instead of someone he could have faced in WWE at one point.   Maybe a nice feud with James Storm, but whatever, let's just book this crap TNA.   

We didn't watch Smack Down! and I don't know that we will.   The idea of a Dean Ambrose-AJ Styles title match is interesting to me though because we might start watching Smack Down! more if AJ Styles is champion.   Regardless, we'll be watching this week because The Headbangers are set to return as rumors would have it.   Also, we skipped NXT since there were only the two matches taped before TOB2 and so I feel like it's going to be a lot of recapping I just don't want to sit through right now.    We'll probably put it on in the background at some point but there are no guarentees as I sit here on a Monday morning and am ready to start watching Raw tomorrow and thus beginning our week again.     There is a new episode or two of ROH TV that we've missed or need to watch, but I wasn't really impressed by their last PPV based on the results and so I'm just trying to find a good point to pick up watching ROH as well-- especially since everything just got so busy around Summerslam time.    Here is to hoping this week we can get back to our normal sort of schedule with professional wrestling.  

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