Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cassette Review: Pyrolatrous "Become the Earth" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 //]

Though I've always believed that the definition of a cassingle was one song per side (though there were those exceptions back in the day of two or three songs per cassette) since cassettes became more prominent in the 21st Century I must admit that the definition has to be slightly altered.    This is mostly due to the fact that the idea of how long a song should be has changed and you can find cassettes now that are two songs- one per side- but are well over an hour long.

Pyrolatrous offers up one song per side here, but each song is like its own little metal opera.   The songs have fast paced portions, screams and are just overall complex.   It's old school hardcore metal and it is destructive.   On some levels it reminds me of Dead To Fall but it mostly reminds me of something I've never heard before.

I often tend to think of cassettes being replaced by CDs the same way VHS tapes were replaced by DVDs.   There was this point where they got expensive but were thought of as "lesser quality".   And yet in the late 1990's I still can remember- when my CD collection was building up strongly- getting free sampler cassettes from labels like Victory Records back when they were promoting better hardcore and metal bands than they have now.    Is the concept of a free cassette to promote a CD just not bizarre to you right now?

If you can remember a time when words like metal and destruction and chaos meant something more to music than just going to Hot Topic and being part of a fashion statement than at its violent core this cassette by Pyrolatrous is exactly what you need in your life.   Posers need not apply.

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