Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baseball Blog ::: Brakettes 1, Bluefish 3 [07.24.16]

Official Bluefish Recap:

After the day game we had a few hours before this Battle of the Sexes III would start.   It was about 4 pm when we left the Ballpark at Harbor Yard in search of lunch.   We went to Wendy's because we had vouchers from our previous game deal and so it was kind of nice that lunch was on the Bluefish during the middle of this double header of sorts.   For us though it was just a day of baseball which is never a bad thing.    Aside from Wendy's we didn't find a lot to do in Bridgeport (it'd be 20 minutes to the closest Target and we didn't have that kind of time) other than an art store in the downtown area and that was actually a nice stop on our trip.

We got back to the Ballpark at Harbor Yard a little bit after 5:30 and waited for gates to open.   We wondered what would have happened if we didn't leave.    The woman who took our tickets remembered we had been there for the previous game and we might have been the only ones to do that.     This game- the Battle of the Sexes III- was much better attended than the game before it but I suppose that is the novelty of it all.

My first note- which was interesting about this game- is that the Brakettes played a team of Bluefish who were mostly pitchers.   I was expecting it to be a somewhat normal line up for the Bluefish, thinking maybe Endy Chavez didn't play during the day so he could play at night, but alas, it was like they were trying to make it even for the girls which, you know, seems to go against everything fastpitch softball is about, so I'll just think of it in terms of letting the Bluefish day to day players rest and all of that.    Plus it was kind of fun seeing John Church step up to bat and his stats said he had pitched only a total of two innings- both of which we had seen just hours before.

With the game tied 1-1 the Bluefish seemed to get scared and they brought in some non-pitchers to hit and I think that made the difference for them.   Well, that and a play at third when a Bluefish runner was called safe when he was clearly out.   Had the umpire made the correct call the inning would have ended and the Bluefish would have not taken the lead which they held onto for the remaining innings.  

I'm not sure what it is about baseball, but there is just something about it which draws me in and I cannot escape it.    For any other sport, I likely would not have been able to sit for so long and watch it as I did on this day, but it was just so much fun because we got to see the Bluefish and Bees first and then this special game where it's just something we didn't do the first two years but we will do now every year going forward.   It was just so surreal in some ways to see the Brakettes at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard, their faces on the big screen and all of that.    This is just one of those can't miss games.

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