Friday, May 20, 2016

Television Review: Silicon Valley Season Two (HBO)

It is not always easy for me to write reviews of the second seasons of shows, especially when they are comedies.   If something was to happen like this show lost its sense of humor I'd certainly write about it but I kind just want to always be under the mindset of "Still funny, if not funnier, carry on" and leave it at that.    Though for whatever reasons, Season Two of "Silicon Valley" has had some interesting developments which has made it even funnier I'd say than Season One.

For one thing, there is a lawsuit in this episode between Hooli and Pied Piper which plays out in court in a most amazing fashion.   Oh, and the character of Peter Gregory (who once called Flo Rida "Florida" without missing a beat) so Pied Piper is out there trying to do this all by themselves and it feels like there is no way for them to survive without accepting help from Hooli until a crazy investor comes along.

Also, since the company is growing we do see some new characters in Season Two in terms of coders but not a lot of them.   One of them is most delightful and says that coders smell like onions and fart a lot.    Though there is also a new boss overseeing where Peter Gregory left off and a lot of this just sort of all turns around and becomes such a mess...  It really makes you wonder how anyone gets to something like Facebook without having a heart attack and dying before that.

By the end of the second season, with the lawsuit behind them now, Peter Gregory's former company and the new investor that has helped Pied Piper decide to out vote the other two board members and they make it so that Richard- who basically founded the company- is no longer the CEO of Pied Piper.    So we have a Third Season to look forward to (We are three episodes deep as I type this) where Richard is going to work for Pied Piper but not as its CEO and it just brings about so many more interesting characters and aspects of the business world which might have been explored before but not with the humor of Mike Judge.

I like to think of this show now as that idea that someone might have and need funding for from investors.   In the same way that Pied Piper has changed and grown as a company on the show, "Silicon Valley" has changed and grown as a series that I enjoy watching.    Though, for all of the hardships that Pied Piper has had to endure I've never found myself struggling to enjoy "Silicon Valley" and it's just like planting this seed and watching it grow and blossom.   Not many shows do that these days, but yes, I am fully addicted to "Silicon Valley" right now.

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