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Professional Wrestling Review ::: Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling Extravaganza - Episode 3

Matthew James says that this show will show us all the five man scramble matches leading up to the five man scramble match to crown their first champion.   I hope I don't botch these names too badly.    After that neat opening package we're back to Matthew James.

Match One: Scotty Wild vs. Marq Quen vs. 5 Star Jayce vs. Sasha Jenkins vs. JGeorge

We saw 5 Star Jayce on the last episode and Sasha Jenkins on the first episode but I'm not sure who these other guys are.   Scotty Wild has a high flying way about him though he looks a little bit on the larger size for a "cruiserweight".   Marq Quen (Thanks BPW Facebook page!) is a bit smaller and has an interesting haircut choice.  He's also wearing bright pink tights that Chris Jericho might have used.    I guess in some ways he could also resemble Lio Rush, why not.   JGeorge is in pants and a tank top with a mohawk.   Aside from his hair, he has a Konnan influenced type of look though he seems taller, like Camacho in WWE perhaps.   I also learned that Scotty Wild is called "The White Delight".   Mmmmkay.   Marq Quen gets the win and will be in the scramble for the title now.  He seemed to have the moves and I felt like I didn't see a lot of 5SJ or Sasha Jenkins in this match but I also was impressed by JGeorge and Scotty Wild.

Matthew James says our next match will be clips and highlights so here we go.

Match Two: AJ Cruise vs. Ace Romero vs. Ryan Malice vs. Xavier Bell vs. Jinder Mahal

This is set to music.   Jinder Mahal is clearly the biggst guy in this match and he just begins working over everyone.   They're fighting outside on the grass at one point and I can see Ace Romero's buttcrack.   Can we get him some gear that fits please??   There are some good spots in here, but no one- not even Jinder Mahal- really stood out to me so I can see why this was reduced to clips and music overdubbed.    Ace Romero won somehow and let's hope he keeps his shirt on next time we see him.

Matthew James gives us some of that third verse same as the first magic.

Match Three: Damien Black vs. Johnny Torres vs. Ken Broadway vs. Isaiah Cassidy vs. Tomahawk

This one is set to music and is highlights as well.   Matthew James keeps saying it will be to crown a champion later this year but the match to crown a champion is on 4/29 at Lit AF RN.   Ken Broadway was featured in a match on the first episode, as was Tomahawk, but Broadway would be the winner here and the third man in the five man scramble for the title.   These highlights felt shorter than the previous highlights as well, but I'm not going to fault their taste in music.

Matthew James comes back and says that the next match will be shown in its entirety.

Match Four: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Anthony Greene vs. Nicky Heat vs. CPA vs. Zachary Pierre Beaulieu

They were quick to point out Anthony Greene just got back from a national television taping with Paragon Pro Wrestling.    How do I watch that?  I recognize Pinkie Sanchez from CHIKARA.   CPA has a strange gimmick.   I think Pinkie Sanchez and Anthony Greene are the ones to watch in this match.   ZPB has a decent gimmick though.     This match really kind of reminded me of CHIKARA in general, not just because of Pinkie Sanchez being in it but because of the wonderful host of characters.   It was interesting to see Pinkie Sanchez win though because that means he'll be back in BPW and could possibly even become champion.   It's kind of the opposite of the Jinder Mahal effect I'd say.

The final scramble match, as introduced by Matthew James, was a last chance scramble match.    Some of the guys who lost in previous scrambles got together and had a scramble of their own to create the fifth member of the scramble for the title, get it?

Match Five: Sasha Jenkins vs. Isaiah Cassidy vs. Scotty Wild vs. CPA vs. Johnny Torres

I'm kind of sad Anthony Greene isn't in this.    When everyone else is outside the ring, the crowd is chanting for CPA to hit some high flying offense and all he does is kind of step off the ring apron and get caught by those outside the ring.    I kind of feel like I could be CPA and I have zero wrestling training so, no, that is not a good thing.   It's like... Calling for wrestling moves but not being able to hit wrestling moves isn't really a wrestling gimmick, is it?   It's like being a baseball player and instead of swinging your bat you just watch the ball fly by you.   I don't even mind that the gimmick is like IRS it's just his in ring set really.   Anyway, the other guys in this match are good and I thought Scotty Wild should have won his scramble match.  CPA gets a lot of chants for his name in the match but I think it's just because "C-P-A" is easy to chant.   Is that's what it is?  Are they trying to experiment with the crowd and see if anyone can get over as long as their name is in a pattern of three, thus can easily be chanted?   And why does Sasha Jenkins have to wiggle?  Does he love Norman Smiley that much??  When the crowd tried chanting "Holy shit" you can hear a woman yell "It's a family show!" and they stopped.   Funny.    The crowd continues to chant "C-P-A", but to be fair, you could chant "Scott-y Wi-ld" the same way as "A-J Sty-les", so why not do that instead?  Yeah, Isaiah Cassidy is on his own for chants though.  (Probably just "Cass-i-dy")   And on that thought, why didn't they bring back JGeorge?   He seemed like a solid guy.   In any case, Scotty Wild turned a high flying move by Cassidy into a neckbreaker of some sort.   Then Wild turned on Torres and hit him with a low blow to win the match.   Then, basically, the other guys involved in the match came out as well and they all started going at it.   Forget CPA, the crowd should chant "Put your shirt on" at Ace Romero.  

Matthew James takes us into The Commissioner's Corner and Tim Jensen tells us the title match is on April 29th even though Matthew James kept saying "later this year".   The Commissioner says that each of the five participants will draw numbers before the match.   Two men start and every two minutes another person comes out.   It's going to be a total of twenty minutes and whoever has the most pinfalls/submissions by the end wins.   Interestingly enough, he did say "twenty minutes- no more, no less" and that does make me think of Bret Hart and overtime.   

The nice thing about this episode is that it kind of gives you the backgrounds on the five men in the scramble for the title so that way you're all caught up now.   Even if you just find out about BPW for the first time six months from now, you can go back and watch this episode to find out how the champion came to be.    So it is really cool and now we just wait for 4/29 when Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling gets Lit AF RN.  

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