Monday, April 25, 2016

Cassette Review: Antipile/Nurture Split (Pizza Tomb Records)

[Sold Out //]

This cassette is made up of three songs, two from Antpile and one from Nuture.    The first song by Antpile is math rock with fast drumming.   There is screaming so it could be somewhere between metal and screamo as well.   It's got that hardcore pride though.    Start and stop guitars and hardcore breakdowns like Evergreen Terrace really set the tone.   It reminds me a bit of Meraki/Toska.  

The second song is more melodic at first but then there are still screams and they do the screaming and singing together which is nice.    I'm not sure whether or not Antpile is still making new music but if they are I certainly would like to know about it.

On the flip side, Nurture has a mathcore type of song which can be more singy than screamy.   It reminds me of Piebald and I Kill Giants and, yeah, it is still kind of screamy, but I'd really like to know if Nuture is making music still as well, but I don't think they are based upon how I came about this cassette.

At this point, you might have to buy this one secondhand, but I got it from Pizza Tomb Records so you could try the label or artist(s) themselves I suppose and see if it is not sold out somewhere else.  But yeah, you should be listening to this because the songs are just so right on and one day it's going to become one of those things you wish you had but don't and it will drive you mad.

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