Monday, April 25, 2016

Cassette Review: murk daddy flex "Genesis" (Pizza Tomb Records)

[Sold Out //]

Somewhat with static and beats, "Genesis" begins with audio clips and then turns into big beats, loops and horns which reminds me of the jazz funk of Us3.    There is some singing in here, but I'm not sure whether it is sampled or not.   An audio clip does, however, begin to talk about Muhammad Ali even though they call him by that other name.   Drumrolls and choirs make way for something in between Harekrishna-like chanting and tiny cymbals yet mixed with the idea of kids singing on a playground (Think of that "Toy Soldiers" song)

On the flip side, we begin with rapid fire drum beats and electric guitar riffs.   It's pretty cool and then there are these ah's which go on for a bit with other tones.   Then someone asks "Where am I?" and there is a Wizard of Oz feel.    After a cheerleader-type of cheer we go into these swirls that have laughs built into them and I feel like it's an audio clip of someone laughing being sampled (maybe from an anime?) but it sounds like the looping of some kind of toy to me for whatever reason.

What's funny is that after I typed that last paragraph I went to look something up in the j-card and found one of the song titles is "HAre Krishna, Universal Peace" only it closes out Side A so it's not the same song I made reference to from Side B but does feel a bit more than just coincidental.    I actually was reading the j-card for a title because there is an audio clip mentioning something you have to conquer and just some sort of speech to pump you up but I couldn't really gather any new information from the tracklisting.

Oddly enough, I also read in the j-card that this cassette was made with Audacity.  I have Audacity, how come I can't make something like this in it??

Someone repeats "deliverance from men", making me feel the religious vibe, and then there is a sax while a woman sings.    We return to the Muhammad Ali audio clips and this time he says he's Muhammad Ali.    Then we get into this audio clip about how folk music is terrible.   I want to hear someone put an acoustic guitar to beats-- a combination of Simon & Garfunkel meets hip-hop, if you will, but that might just be me.   I tried to do it in Garage Band, but yeah, you don't want to hear the results.  

There is a lot of Muhammad Ali (and boxing with that) in here, but if you happen to find this cassette on the secondhand market I would consider picking it up.   The original went for $5 and it's sold out now, so whatever you can get it for within reason of that seems cool.   Ambient soundscapes also make up the end of these beats and it's just a fun ride to take because it feels like we never truly know where we are about to go until we get there.

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