Monday, March 28, 2016

Television Review: Galavant Season Two (ABC)

One of the biggest questions about "Galavant" is: doesn't it seem like it costs a lot to make since it is a period piece.   But I feel like if they were really spending so much to make this show they wouldn't fire out two episodes at a time and blow through an entire season within what could be considered a month.   I mean, I knew it was coming back but it went rather quickly from "Galavant is back" to "We need to catch up on these few episodes of Galavant" to "Oh, the season is over".

From Matt Lucas to Weird Al, from songs about gypsies to zombie love I feel like "Galavant" had that "Veronica Mars" treatment of not knowing what to do with a second season because not expecting it to happen.   I'm not sure if it's just that the show is beginning to find its own way or not, but I did enjoy the second season more than the first as I felt like it just was more familiar than the feeling out process you have to go through with a first season.

With the last episode showing that the next season could take us into the dark arts, it feels that much more appealing to me to see where they would go with that because if someone is going to sing I like to hear them sing about darkness and what not-- especially in a comedy.   But I feel like "Galavant" could do its best work if someone would just say "Okay, you're renewed for four seasons, this many episodes" and then they could just relax and be funny without having to worry about being cancelled.  Sadly that is not the world in which we live but maybe one day.

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