Monday, March 28, 2016

Television Review: 11.22.63 Episode 6 (Hulu)

I waited at least a full 24 hours before watching this episode, after watching Episode 5 and being somewhat disappointed.    I'd like to say that this episode moved things along a bit for me but they really didn't.    Well, okay, they sort of did but only because we started with "six months later".  I really do not like how movies or shows do that, like it's this escape clause they have or something and can just jump around in time as if it won't affect the story in a negative way.

So after Episode 6 here is an update on the characters.   Lee Harvey Oswald seems to be acting alone in his shot at JFK so Jake learns he must just take out Oswald if he wants JFK to live.    Jake gets beat up by his bookie for making too many bets and winning and at the end of the episode Sadie is standing over him, while he is in a coma, unsure of whether or not he'll wake up, let alone wake up in time to stop Lee Harvey Oswald.    Meanwhile, Bill had been spending time with Oswald and so Jake goes out of his way to have Bill committed into a mental institution and declares him insane.

This should really be called "How Not To Time Travel, Should the Opportunity Ever Arise".    First off, if you can leave the past and then return and have everything reset itself then Jake clearly shouldn't have gone back alone because if he had someone else with him they could push the reset button by going back, coming back and then going back again and everything would be back the way it was, boom, Jake's out of his coma.   Even if Jake did teach Bill how to do that though it doesn't matter because Bill is basically locked away forever.

Jake did make mention in this episode of taking Sadie with him into the future which she seemed all right with but as someone who is from that future let me just say: stay in 1963.  It's only going to get worse the longer you live, but at least you get to go through the rest of the 1960's, including Woodstock, the 1970's and then even the 1980's weren't so bad.   But right now, the world is kind of garbage so why would she want to come here?  Oh right, LOVE.   Screw love.   Going from no computers to iPhones will likely explode her head.

At one point in this episode Sadie said something to Jake along the lines of her being involved messing up all of his plans- mainly because Jake was nursing her back to health in the hospital instead of, you know, watching Lee Harvey Oswald which is what he was there to do.   Jake brushed it off like "Oh no, that's not true", but I think we all know that it is true and I even screamed it at the television screen.

I don't know how much people have read about everything involved JFK and the vast conspiracy surrounding it but Jake has the chance to go back in time and really figure out what happened and he's blowing it.    Just try and connect it with something you care about.   Would you go back if you could and see whether or not Kurt Cobain really killed himself or was murdered by Courtney Love?   It's that sort of idea only with JFK who was a President.  I mean, this is one of the greatest conspiracies of all time and as a writer (which I thought Jake was) I'd be documenting every single move LHO made.   Maybe I just have too high of expectations for the fake-past but, all right, let's get these last two episodes over with.   I'm in too far now to bail.

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