Monday, March 28, 2016

Television Review: Marvel's Agent Carter Season Two (ABC)

Look, I really enjoy "Agent Carter" and I even have a comic book in my "to read" pile based on the show but I really wish we didn't have to stress so much about whether or not this show was going to get another season.   Agent Carter is a Marvel super hero and Marvel is under the Disney banner, which is ABC, so why is this so hard?   Just keep giving them seasons until they run out of ideas.   Do people panic over "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." like this??

As much as I like this show- and it has been heavily rumored to have a third season especially since it ended on a cliffhanger- it could easily continue in comic book form if not on a platform like Netflix, which already plays host to several shows based on Marvel characters so why not just keep it on ABC.

In this season they mostly dealt with anti-matter and at the end they all tried not to get sucked into a blackhole, but as exciting as that sounds it just doesn't seem to make with the ratings for some reason and yet this is still one of my favorite shows on television.   I don't have a list of favorites or anything but I feel like "Agent Carter" falls under the category of "My Favorite Show With Most Possibility of Being Cancelled" or something.

And yet for the second straight season now we go through the same deal as we did with "Galavant" although "Agent Carter" ended on a much bigger mystery that needs solving and so for that we almost need closure and "Agent Carter" could go on forever since there is a lot of time between where it left off and where we know Peggy Carter dies in the MCU.   So let's do it, ABC.   Let's dance like this forever.

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