Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cassette Review: Barfth "Make You My Son EP" (Sun Lips Records)

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I'm not sure how you go about making someone your son but after hearing this cassette I'm not sure I want to know because it sounds like it might be violent.    Through screams and starts and stops, Barfth develops slow, stoner type metal that has elements of The Dedication in it.   Screeching, psych guitar riffs come out and while I will admit to hearing metal bands go through their music at this pace before I've never heard one throw in such a psychedelic guitar riff but I like it.   Perhaps the closest thing it comes to is Black Sabbath but Barfth still is doing something different- something all their own perhaps even.

Big banging drums keep the s l o w pace as screams come out like they're lifted from an old school horror movie and I love old school horror movies.   I'm not really sure who to compare this with or which of the bands I listened to back in the day would be relevant or in existance even still, but I do think this has some aspect of it which could be compared with Backstabbers, Inc.    By the second side the screaming becomes a bit different, somehow more evil and it begins to gain momentum.    Two sets of vocals come out and while one is singing the other is screaming.  It reminds me a bit of Haste.   Is Haste still a band?

I like to think of this as "skate metal" but if you don't know what that means it's okay because I once saw a skate video set to a Metallica song and, yeah, this is a bit different from Metallica, thankfully.   If there is such a genre as "psych metal" then Barfth clearly belongs in it.  If it does not exist yet then I think Barfth is its new leader.   This just has that overall feel of something you would take drugs and get lost in the woods while listening to it only to potentially meet your demise like a horror movie because of the violence it exudes.

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