Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cassette Review: Protists of Nebula "Small Joint" (Sun Lips Records)

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Roughly five and a half minutes of sound on each side, Protists of Nebula have vocals combined with big static bursts and they somehow remind me of Skarhead but only for a moment and then it's gone.    A lot of static booms of doom followed by wind tunnel chaos this is harsh noise and it just sounds like what I would imagine it might sound like flying down the highway at 100 miles per hour with your head sticking out the window.   I've never done that before, so I'm not sure, but maybe even if a recording device was just stuck out the window.  I don't know exactly how the sounds are captured but there is a hurricane simulator booth in Galveston.

On the flip side there is carnival type loops with sharp feedback.  Distorted screams bring out frequency changes and this just reminds me a lot of "In Utero".    It's so strange to think that Kurt Cobain was trying to sabotage "In Utero" by messing with the levels and all that and then people liked it so much- myself included- that there are actually people out there doing the same thing on purpose-- a whole movement even.   I never really thought about it that way before hearing this cassette though.  I always just thought of "noise" as being the inverse of pop music or rock n roll... Something like what happens when you take out the notes and only hear the inbetween parts.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic demonstration of how one can blow their speakers with a cassingle.    It's heavy as all get out and I wouldn't really call it "harsh noise" because it's not necessarily hard on the ears to the point where you feel as if you might have some damage done (I didn't feel like my tinnitus was going to act up from it) but it certainly most brutal.

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