Thursday, July 30, 2015


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One of the best feelings in the entire world is being able to listen to a piece of music and know that this is going to be one of your new favorite bands.   It has made me happy entire life- adding new favorites to my collection- and I feel like the lowest point I hit in my life emotionally was when music just happened to be at its worst as well.  I felt like nothing better was coming out than what I already heard and that it might not ever again.   But slowly, over the last few years or more, my faith in music has been restored thanks to artists such as FOREVR.  

A lazy reviewer could call FOREVR shoegaze and leave it at that, but there are so many other things going on within these songs.   From the synthed out blissful sounds of "Pretty in Pink" to the steady drum machine beats I like to think of this as being some grand combination of synthwave and dreampop but if you mix up either of those words they create existing genres which may or may not apply at certain times to these songs.    The vocals are somewhat hidden behind everything else and they can remind me of Polly Scattergood at times, while at other times I am reminded of Metric as well.   The more dreampop aspects of it can also bring out comparisons to Savage Sister but there is no single artist to compare with FOREVR.

Dreamy with beats, whispery synth gaze and having these sort of chants like that one popular song about the desert missing the rain, FOREVR takes what you know about music and delivers it to you in an entirely new and refreshing way.    It's not easy to compare with other musicians since I haven't heard something like it before, but at times I feel like the sounds of FOREVR are going in slow motion compared to other bands.  The best way for me to describe it is with film.   When I was a kid we went to the science museum in Boston and they showed- using lights- how motion pictures were made by capturing single images and projecting them in a fast order.   So in reality what is happening is actually moving more quickly than it appears.

If you even want to compare the differences between shooting a typical movie you see the most often with one shot in stop motion I would say that the music of FOREVR is that stop motion effect to the rest of the world of music.   I've also had moments where I've traveled around this country, staring out the window of the car and not feeling like what was happening was real but rather like I was watching a movie.   There is, in fact, an entire band based upon this concept (Or at least there was) so I know it does exist and I just feel like that when I listen to FOREVR.   It's that feeling of every single iota of this cassette being broken down so you can absolutely experience the tiniest bit of it with the fullest of your body, mind and soul.  

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