Friday, June 19, 2015

Toy Review: Pyro + Skaar / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

I still have some of those coupons that are good until the end of August where you can buy two Mashers and get $5 off or buy three and get $8 off.   On a recent trip to Target we found the Masher of Skaar in the clearance section because his packaging looked like it had been eaten by some sort of wild dog.    We compared the figure itself (and accessories) with another and everything inside was the same, so I could only guess that it was on clearance because the packaging wasn't something you'd want to give to someone as a present.   Still, with the coupon and the price reduction for damaged packaging, this came out to be like paying $9.96 for Pyro and getting Skaar for free.

As Marvel lore would have it, Skaar is actually the son of The Hulk and other than the Hulk and Red Hulk figures we already have he is the only other Masher of his kind.   So it is nice to have him in that way that we complete the Hulk trilogy on some level, but he's also just a fun figure and he's big like the other Hulks.    He comes with a giant axe and just kind of looks like what would happen if for some reason The Hulk wanted to try and be Tarzan.     Though in other ways, yes, he does remind me of He-Man as well.  (Hulk-Man?)

Pyro is one of those MSHM that I don't see a lot in stores.   He's kind of like Hawkeye in that way except I would never actually buy a Hawkeye figure.   So having him as the second in this deal seemed only natural and I do hope to get Iceman one day, so mixing those two together and just thinking about them back to the first "X-Men" movie it makes me feel like they need to go together in some way.    The difference here though is that while Iceman is made almost entirely of ice, Pyro only has hands of fire and the rest of him is a cool super hero/spandex outfit.    He's a lot like Iron Fist in that way and I'm not sure who you'd want to set the hands of on fire exactly other than the obvious choice of Ghost Rider.

So these are just two rather solid figures that can round out any set of Marvel Super Hero Mashers, especially since Pyro gives us another addition to our X-Men universe as there seem to be so few X-Men in here.    I actually read that there is going to be a Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum so maybe that can get us a Gambit Masher.    Then again, I'm still holding out hope for Daredevil and as much as I don't like making list posts I have been thinking about doing one for all of the Mashers I'd like to see, though it probably just reflects a lot of the yet-to-be-made characters in the Marvel Universe.

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