Friday, June 19, 2015

Other Review: Topps Water Bag (Topps)

This is sort the essential idea of what qualifies as an "Other Review" because I don't really know what else to call this.   It's not really a cup, so I wouldn't even put it under something like "Dish Review", not that I'm about to start reviewing dishes either, but hey, just an example of the variety of things you might find on this site.

Last summer I bought one of those thick plastic cups with lid and straw that you can wash and use as many times as you want at Walgreens simply because it had the Topps logo on it like a baseball card.   I guess you could say that I'm a sucker for old school looking Topps merchandise as well as the actual baseball cards.    In fact, if someone at Topps was to create a baseball hat with a baseball card look on it, a t-shirt (which probably exists but just needs to come to Target or Walmart) or even some sort of box or tub to put my baseball cards in I'd be all over it.  

Specifically, this item is a "water bag" which means that you fill it up with water, drink from it and then when you're done (or before you use it) you can fold it up for easier storage.   My biggest reason for buying this was simply because the Topps baseball logos jumped right out at me.   The second reason why I bought this is because I've been going to the Rock Cats games a lot lately and as such bringing in my own water bottle since they have water fountains inside.   Well, rather than lugging around a bottle now, just imagine having this bag folded up to carry it in and out more easily.
Oh, and the fact that this could be going to baseball games with me while it has Topps baseball logos all over it is even more amazing.   Though, in all fairness, they did have some there that weren't for baseball and were football and hockey, though I've never really been the biggest fan of sports cards outside of baseball cards so I passed on those.   Plus there are a few designs on the back of the package that weren't there so I'm holding out hope that I might find them one day soon as well.

So this has two tops to it- one plastic one which is clear and pops off but still remains attached to your bottle and then another white one underneath which pops up so you can drink out of it.   A lot of bottles do these things now and especially water bottles it seems (And I'm talking name brand, like Poland Springs)    In some ways it's like a giant sized Capri Sun, but I'm not sure how to feel about that.  

The best part though is that these were only $1 each at Ocean State Job Lot.   I kind of wondered how they'd hold up in terms of reuse because they might rip over time, but for a dollar you can't go wrong even if you only use them once and then save the picture for something somehow.   They also have metal clips on them worth reusing should the bag itself tear and so you're definitely getting your value regardless, but I'll try and keep some sort of update on how well they work and if I use them, say, twice and they rip I'll post an update here.

My wife was very unsure about this item when I saw it and wanted to buy it.   We don't have a dishwasher so she didn't know how to wash it out.  (For the record, as per the package it is top rack dishwasher safe)  I told her I'd only use it for water because I can't imagine putting anything else in it anyway and all I'd have to do is drop some soap in, shake it up and then rinse until the bubbles don't come out anymore.    My three year old son was quite thrilled with them though, as he apparently thinks of them as toys more than means of drinking.   Though he keeps insisting we drink water out of them now but I keep reminding him he we have to wait until we go out.

Will this help my street cred at the next Rock Cats game?   Will people come up to me and say, "Cool water bag, where'd you get it?"   Even if they don't, I still like it and will use it.   I'll also take it places that aren't baseball games and when it's time to retire it I'll likely cut it up, frame it and put it on my wall.    I've never actually seen a "water bag" before, so I'm kind of curious to see how Topps surprises me next.

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