Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CD Review: Slaughter Slashing "Akasha?" (Beaver Club Records)

[$6 // http://beaverclubrecords.storenvy.com/products/6157957-slaughter-slashing-akasha-cd]

When this CD first starts all I can think about is how it has these big metal breakdowns with double bass drums but then also finds this certain amount of rhythm and melody.   Add in the fact that there are horns and you're going to probably think that this one sounds like Folly, but it doesn't-- and if you've never heard of Folly before consider yourself lucky.   The horns do sometimes produce a rhythm that could be related to ska, but for the most part these songs are heavy on the screaming with some singing portions and they remind me of some grand mix of Dead to Fall (for the metal), Dillinger Escape Plan (for the horns/chaos) and Converge (for the overall rage).

At some point on this CD though, when the songs actually do come out a little bit more on the ska side of things, they're not really "skacore" or something that closely related to ska, but the closest thing that I can come up with to compare them with is Blue Meanies.   When I was a teenager, I saw Goldfinger (probably with "Hang Ups" out) and Reel Big Fish ("Turn The Radio Off" out, but not too huge yet) in their prime at a show that was opened by Blue Meanies who just came in and thrashed the place.   They said they needed a place to stay that night and I offered them up the couch in my parents house but they didn't seem too sold on the notion that it'd be okay.   Nowadays, even I'm not allowed to crash on my parents sofa.   My how the times have changed.

After an audio clip from Kevin via "Home Alone" I am sold on this CD as just being something that I want to turn on, turn up and just drive really far and really fast.   Through all of the sounds that you might find in here, at the core of it all I still find it to be hardcore mixed with metal.   No matter how light-hearted it might seem if you were to extract a clip of one of the songs, the fact is that I still hear it as being heavy and pissed off overall and I love that so much about it.

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