Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Live Tetherball Tonight "You Can Always Stay The Same"

[$3 // Second Run // https://livetetherball.bandcamp.com/album/you-can-always-stay-the-same]

This is three songs from Live Tetherball Tonight and is my introduction to them.   After the three songs on Side A though we go into this audio clip of Vincent Price discussing how to cook pork roast and it is really kind of hypnotyzing to listen to on some levels.      The music of Live Tetherball Tonight reminds me of Hot Water Music at first, but then some math comes out and I can hear bands like I Kill Giants and A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies.   There are group vocals, screaming, melodies and it can go back and forth from quiet to loud.

One of my favorite lines in all of these songs is "I can't help this feeling I'm constantly dreaming" and with later references to seeing lots of sun rises because of not wanting to sleep, the tone of these songs seems to take on that of the insomniac.   The idea of whether or not you are awake or dreaming is one that I have struggled with myself if only because I feel as if I dream so vividly, but to hear it in music is something new for me and so I'm happy that it's out there with someone other than me and this also can be a means for others to cope as well.

While the music is a mix of things I've heard before it is delivered in a way which is new to me and I'm fully in love with it.    Couple that with the lyrics and just the overall theme of these songs I mentioned and this might only be three songs but it has become one of my favorite cassettes to listen to on repeat simply because it feels so personal to me.

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