Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Josey and the Spooky Cats "Halloween Spookfest 2k14 Pt.2" (Captain Crook Records)

[$1 // Edition of 20 // https://captaincrookrecords.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-spookfest-2k14-pt-2]

Josey and the Spooky Cats, with tails for ears and ears for hats.    Learn the song.  This was from Halloween last year apparently, but Captain Crook Records had one of those "Everything's $1!!" sales and I noticed it was a cassette I didn't have so I added it to the cart.   I'm just waiting for the day when I see a cassette and think it's new only to realize I already have it after ordering (Then it becomes a giveaway!)  I'm not sure why this is "Pt. 2" and if there is a "Pt. 1", but if I was an artist making music I'd just start putting out random parts and in no particular order just to confuse people so I tend to just think everyone else is an asshole like me and wants us to be confused so I don't look too far into it.

The band not named after that movie based upon the cartoon series begins this cassette with whirrs and static.   There are piano chords and it is somber to say the least.    A sort of drone fills the background as piano notes chime in the front.   It's relaxing and reminds me of The Cancer Conspiracy before it goes into the next song, which is filled with loud, screeching guitars.   It has Hendrix notes, scraping and somehow I begin to hear the ghosts.    After an audio clip we are back to the guitars only this time there is a melodic strumming with some sort of tone notes in front of it.

Sounds go back and forth, which reminds me of Willy Wonka.    Some buzzing comes out and we're back into another audio clip I won't spoil for you.    Back to the pianos from the beginning, we find ourselves back at another audio clip and then the guitar notes come in and remind me of the Paul McCartney song "Band On the Run", specifically the "If I ever get out of here" portion.   The guitar riffs just seem to run for days and that is not a bad thing.

On the flip side we have skips, whooshes and background notes.   Sharpness takes us into some Hendrix and then there are patterns and loops.   There is a manipulated audio clip and then this really goes back into everything which was already heard: killer guitar riffs, audio clips and, yes, even the essence of Willy Wonka makes its return.   This is kind of the theme of the cassette, or perhaps its blueprint even, and it's not really scary (which is what I thought based on the artist name and mention of Halloween) but it is some great guitar-driven experimental music.  

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