Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cassette Review: Dirty White Fever "7.83hz Single"

As true to the cassingle as I can want in the year 2015, "7.83hz" comes in a hard plastic case instead of cardboard sleeve but for reasons I've written about before I am fine with that as the times have changed.   Still, this is two songs, one on each side, and it will certainly leave you wanting more from Dirty White Fever.

Side A is the titular track- "7.83hz" and it is an energetic rock n roll number.    It could be compared with The Cars and maybe even The Kinks, but it's just a fuzzy style all of its own that pays tribute to older bands but also has that modern feel to it that I can't quite put my finger on.    There are some nice "whoo-ooh"'s and there isn't really a modern artist to compare this with and for that I am excited because bands creating new rock n roll sounds is never a bad thing for me (So long as they are good)

On the flip side we have a song called "Hip Hop (live)" and this is one of those things that cassingles do that I love so much.   Rather than have a straight b-side, it's got a live version of a song that you can expect to find on their full length album.   I remember chasing down a lot of Pearl Jam music for this very reason.    The song, despite its name, is not really hip hop at all but almost has a reggae vibe to it mixed with someone such as Cage the Elephant.  

So what you're looking at is one rather strong rock n roll song but also a live version of another great song on the flip side.    I don't feel like I need to recommend you buying this cassette as much for the quality of it (And these are two just stellar songs), but simply because of the practicality of it.    In some time, these songs will most likely exist together on a full length album (This is the only music by Dirty White Fever on their Bandcamp thus far)   And when they do, you'll be wishing you had this cassette for that live version of "Hip Hop".     Listen to future-you and get this cassette now while you still can.

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