Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CD Review: Mr. Fantastical "Born To Boogie, Born To Die" (Sunset Alliance Records)

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Upon first listening to this CD, you might think you have Mr. Fantastical figured out but his songs take you on an exploration which prove it to be challenging to decide what genre he would fall in exactly.  Initially, there are sounds of a driving country rock n roll song like something out of ZZ Top.    The classic rock tradition carries on as moments of Mott the Hoople come out as well.   But then there is that intricate instrumentation mixed with the patterns in which the vocals are delivered that create the feel of Primus.

Granted, piecing all of that together is just the beginning as these songs can prove to range differently as they go on.    They can be catchy overall, but they also have this polka feel to them, as I imagine Mr. Fantastical not so much as someoneone with an accordian ala Weird Al but rather a street performer who has the cymbals tied to his legs.   (Though, in the interest of fairness, this album does create more sounds than a single person could at one time organically)

With elements of blues rock n roll coming through as well, Mr. Fantastical sings "You know I ain't southern. but I love that sound" and if you didn't somehow think of "Sweet Home Alabama" then you should also know it has that soul of Joe Cocker.     There are instrumental numbers, acoustic numbers and even a song that sounds like an instrumental version of Smashing Pumpkins ("Japan Funk").      "Kami Kaze" has the sound of a Stone Temple Pilots song, and then there are just overall elements in here to Blind Melon as well.

The last song- "Hole in the Ground"- can come off somewhere between a Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder number and it just further demonstrates how this CD is not only able to access multiple genres at will but multiple times as well.    From the 1970's classic rock to the grunge of 1990's to something modern of today, "Born to Boogie, Born to Die" covers much more than just the ongoing lifespan of Mr. Fantastical and is a trip any true fan of music should take.

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  1. I bought the CD not really guessing what I was going to get and it blew my mind,brilliant album definitely blows all of Kanye West out of the water!!