Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cassette Review: Slade and the Big Nothing! "We All Get Lost Sometimes" (Captain Crook Records)

[$3 // Edition of 12 //]

Not my first time to the Slade and the Big Nothing! rodeo, these mostly acoustic but sometimes electric rock songs cover the bases anywhere from Modest Mouse and Pink Floyd to the Violent Femmes and Pansy Division.    It's chaotic and has an overall sense of channeling the B-52's for reasons I cannot fully explain.    At one point, I'm also pretty sure I can hear a cell phone ringing in the background of one of the songs.

So what is this about?  You can imagine the type of music this is (or maybe not, I don't care) but what of the lyrics that go along with it?   Sometimes they feel like they're being made up on the spot, the way I can really get going if I drink enough coffee.    There is a certain amount of seriousness- of truth- within what would otherwise appear to possibly be ramblings though.

Topics include the fact that there is no God to facing our addictions to the internet, which I know more than a few people could deal with attending an AA type of group for should they decide to make one.    Really, why don't they have support groups for people trying to overcome their social media addictions?   Or do they and I just don't know about it?

  Also, there is the line about being cute for two ugly people and admitting to stealing that line and I feel like I've heard that before but I'm not going to look into whether it was someone else who also stole it or if this is just the same song appearing on here as on another Slade and the Big Nothing! release, though I suspect the latter to be true.

And then there's a song about milk and it just seems to put everything into perspective.    So what does this teach you exactly?   The music is there but then the lyrics also have you thinking as they could read more like an essay on human thoughts and behaviors.   It's just a fascinating look into the mind of someone with a lot to say and a stage with which to say it.

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