Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cassette Review: happy hell "i think i blew it" (Captain Crook Records)

[$3 // Edition of 13 //]

There was a time when acoustic artists were easy enough to define because you could just pick someone who was not acoustic and say it sounded like an acoustic version of them.   My how the times have changed, right?   Now we have so many acoustic artists they're seemingly equal to the number of those who are electric.    This makes it so hard to be lazy in my reviews and I liked being lazy.

"i think i blew it" begins with a song that has hints of country and yet is still complex enough to not be country but is acoustic.   It's not folk punk because it is the softer side of acoustic, a much more melodic sense of the word.    It is the essence of the Finger Eleven song "One Thing" combined with just overall hints of Animal Flag.

With hints of Flaming Lips there is also some whistling that makes me feel like we're verging on the folk side but it doesn't stay there too long, which is good.    It's just got that dreamy feeling to it where I can almost think of it as being emo, but it's not.   In ways it does remind me of Dashboard Confessional or especially The Lyndsay Diaries but it isn't them and it's not quite in the same way.

I can't quite explain what that extra something is in here that it makes it so melodic and peaceful at the same time.   I wish I could just call this an acoustic version of You Blew It!.   I wish I could just speed it up and give it some whining and sadder parts so it could be emo.    But I can't.   And that just creates a sound that is unique to happy hell.  

Being older now, yes, I am kind of happy that the emo isn't really in here.  It just feels it could have been emo at some point in its younger years but has instead matured into something older, such as whatever comes after emo.   (And, NO, I am not creating nor calling this "post-emo" :::shudder:::)    If I had to create a genre for this I'd call it "bliss-rock" but I've never been one for genres so I'll just stick with knowing it is most excellent.

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