Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cassette Review: Captain Johnny Sausage "Captain Johnny Sausage" (Captain Crook Records)

[$3 // Edition of 12 //]

Previously I got the Captain Johnny Sausage / Cat Shit split from Captain Crook Records because it was part of a package deal and so now this is my first time hearing Captain Johnny Sausage on his own and it is rather impressive.

The cassette begins with wild percussion and then turns into bass lines and spoken words.    Traces of Oriental art rock take us into something like Yoko Ono before a piano/organ sound fills the room.    There is an audio clip in reference to the title of the song- "The Other L Word" and it is from the Scott Pilgrim movie, which makes me happy.    With deep vocals and guitar that sounds like it could be bass this turns into something like Urge Overkill (You know that one song from "Pulp Fiction") or at least it's trippy like Jim Carroll.

Side B opens with singing that is hollow and distorted somehow.   There are clips from what appears to be opera singing and they appear and reappear during this side.    Something about tuna subs and then an acoustic guitar instrumental.    It's a little trippy and there is that psych swirl to end it.

This self titled cassette by Captain Johnny Sausage is somewhere between experimental and psychedelic.   I remember the split cassette having the opening song for "Ultraman" on it and this doesn't disappoint in that way with Scott Pilgrim, but if anything this has given CJS more room to expand his sounds.  

This is one of those weird things that you might not get- and that's okay- but I feel like if you're reading this, if you've found this blog somehow, then this is something you need to spend some time listening to and understanding.

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