Friday, February 6, 2015

CD Review: conceptus "Trebly Feelings"

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Listening to conceptus can only tell you that they rock.    They have that sound of The Replacements that so many other bands have, but then when you break it down it becomes something like the Refreshments, Tom Petty, Limbeck, Liars Academy or even Local H vocally.   What I'm saying is that it has enough of that modern feel sure, but it also takes me back to some point in the 1990's when everything I knew and was learning about music just seemed so fabulous that it became overwhelming on some level.

Two other interesting points of reference can be heard on "Trebly Feelings".   One is the Flaming Lips, which I know is vague and compared to a lot otherwise but they just have this almost psychedelic feel to their music where I can really start to hear that earlier F-Lips sound coming out.

The other influence I can hear would be Gin Blossoms, who I believe to be rather underrated, and it's just that whole idea of mixing melody with sadness.    It's not that the music is actually singing about being sad but more of the tone it conveys which is just serious and grimm at times.

I was convinced after hearing their cassette and while conceptus is becoming The Rightovers you can call this what you want I still call it rock.

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