Friday, February 6, 2015

CD Review: Split Pricks "Hang In There, Baby"

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For as long as I can remember listening to music- and I mean in the sense that I would actively go out and listen to bands based upon recommendations like a scene out of "High Fidelity"- I always remember that I've known people, maybe even had friends, who were the guy that was all about Husker Du or some other band of that nature.    I'm not going to name the names because I'm not good at naming them, but I've never really been the guy into that band that was kind of hip at the time and now has this legacy behind them that all those cool kids who have since graduated college can tell you about.

I'm not really sure why I never became that guy.   I can think of at least three people off ofthe top of my head right now that were that guy in my life and since I've recognized it I've never really been able to tell why I've not done anything about it.   I have had my time, on Spotify, trying to figure out the puzzle known as Husker Du and those sort of bands that I might have missed out on, but I never really paid it as much attention as I should and just moved on to other things.

This EP by Split Pricks reminds me that I need to get into better touch with those bands that I've neglected for so long because then I can use them as points of comparison since I know that they are out there.     With a bit of distortion there are psych guitar solos and just thrash drums as well.   It's all of those bands I don't really know much about so all I can do is say that it has some resemblence to Foo Fighters (which is what a lot of people might get out of it anyway, I don't know, but let's hope so because it's good like that)

Though these songs stay in that same rock genre they do expand, as a song such as the fourth one is instrumental.    I remember when I was in my youth (don't ask me how old I was please) and I went to Warped Tour up in Massachusetts.   They had two main stages sort of across from each other, with a decent space in between them, and then another smaller stage up on a hill.    When one of the large stages was showcasing Papa Roach a good number of people were still on that hill listening to AFI, before they went full-on Misfits cover band.

Anyway, at that particular Warped Tour I remember going over to an even further away side stage and hearing the band Sprung Monkey for the first time.   I haven't thought about them in quite some time, but this did make me think of their CD "Situation Life", which is that diverse and rocking.     Sprung Monkey did have a somewhat different album after "Situation Life", one with a radio single, but let's hope Split Pricks doesn't go in that direction.

I'm trying to think of an accurate assessment of this music but with it being 2015 and all there isn't really a good way to say this.   I imagine this as being the type of EP that is produced on cassette in a low number.   Not anything like five or ten, but maybe twenty-five or thirty.   Then Split Pricks go on to release full lengths in larger quantities and even have records made for them.    This then becomes that sort forgotten early work where most people didn't hear it originally and have to turn back time to find it.    It's one of those rare gems that just isn't hidden yet.

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