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If you've ever wanted to do a sort of introspective piece on names artists choose and what they mean it would have to include ROLLERCOASTER if only because the very name itself implies what kind of a ride this music is going to take you on.     Let's just say that this is not likely going to be drone, based upon the name.    (Side Note: If someone was to read through my reviews and want to generate a list of names and why they are fitting based upon what I've written I would gladly publish it, but I don't have the time personally to do so)

"EARTH WAS CREATED BY GOD" begins with synth tone static ohms.   There are key tone patterns and drum machine beats.    Dark synth comes in distorted and in a glitch sort of way.    Cymbal crashes give way to space whirrs and then there are distorted guitar notes which are kind of pretty.    This particular piece ends with clapping, to indicate it was recorded in front of an audience but that is not the end of the side as the music continues with FNL ambient notes with distortion.

On Side B we have static with those "Law & Order" type of cello drum patterns.    Am I thinking of AWOLNATION as well perhaps?    Somber guitar notes come out next and this reminds me, in the most universal way I could possibly compare it, of Metallica's "Unforgiven".    Static skips get thrown in and I'm feeling a galloping vibe here, which is hard to think of when you're on a rollercoaster ride but there is something to it if you remember the old wooden rollercoasters but I'm not sure if any of those are legally safe enough to exist anymore.

There are some tones in here as well that have that glass quality to them that isn't quite a xylophone but it's something similar I can't place.     I always tend to think of it as being like jewels or crystals, like something out of "Land of the Lost".    So while this did start off somewhat dark and in a glitch-noise nature it does eventually blossom into something rather beautiful.

As the title is "EARTH WAS CREATED BY GOD" you have to wonder if this isn't just a soundtrack to that creation.   But what strikes me as particularly odd about this is that I was having this very conversation with someone the other day and as I can simply put it- if you do not believe that God created the Earth then you have simply run out of questions to ask.    And everyone should question everything.   So what does your science tell you?  Because I believe in science too, but it can only take you so far.

Take for example the butterfly.    It begins as a catepillar, goes into the cocoon and then comes out as a butterfly, right?    That can all be attirbuted to science, sure, but then you have to trace it back further and ask where does that catepillar come from?    And if you can't continue to ask those questions then it is not a matter of you not believing in God but rather you losing that part of you that made you question everything when you were younger.

Luckily we don't have to do as much investigating with this cassette because we can just press play from the beginning and listen to it through.    Any questions you might have can be answered by simply rewinding and playing it again.    If only life in and of itself was that simple.

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