Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cassette Review: Chiaro Scuro "Expired Shock" (Sewer Mutant Records)

[$5 // Edition of 25 //]

"Expired Shock" is a lot shorter in length than "Tort Reform" and yet in some ways the two cassettes feel as if they belong together.     As the pieces would change more so on "Tort Reform" they take on more of a drone quality with "Expired Shock", if only because they don't seem to alter that much.

Side A is full on loud static which has that wind tunnel effect.   It also has hints of scraping but mostly just sticks with the same course.    It's also worth noting the layers here, as there is a certain hum drone going on behind all of this which just furthers my drone belief.

On the flip side we have the same sort of static only this time around it's filled with screeching that can bring about ideas of that modem type of glitch sound.    As with Side A it maintains this form right up until the very end with only minimal differences.

In some ways I like to think of this as being a cassingle but you should also feel lucky that these pieces are as they are by Chiaro Scuro because if they went on for much longer they could've risked becoming boring or tiring (unless you really REALLY like drone).    These are the appropriate length though and as a stand alone cassette, yes, "Expired Shock" does work but in the way that a cassingle works with a full length.

For the record, as a kid growing up and in my early teens I'd buy full length cassettes of certain artists and then buy their cassingles anyway.   I remember when Kriss Kross came out with "Jump" and I bought the cassingle for it but then after I bought the full length I still had to buy the cassingle for "Warm It Up".

So while these two cassettes from Chiaro Scuro can stand alone easily enough they work even better together and why shouldn't they, for all of us out there with the completist libraries.

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