Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cassette Review: Ohligans "A Knull"

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This begins with what sounds like a flute going on a loop with some hardcore influence and screaming.   It reminds me of Brazil somehow (the band, not the country).    As we cross over into what I would think is the second track it begins with what can only be described by me as the sound of polka before going back and forth as if to say "black and yellow" on repeat.     Ambient, spatial crystal synth tones come out next with some noises that sound like a bird cawing and all I can think of is the entrance music for the professional wrestler known as Sting.    Drum beats accompany this with cymbals as well.

Some "Tom Sawyer" effects come out with drumming that could be somewhere between a metal and post-metal/post-punk type of band sound.    Fuzzy notes of doom follow and this becomes almost full on metal at this point, somewhere between stoner and sludge.    It's instrumental but it sounds like this one band I listened to once but don't remember the name of I only remember they were supposed to play here then canceled their tour.

As it goes on, it becomes rather trippy.   I wish I could think of the name of that other band but it might have started with an "L" and was shortened by a letter.   So if it was supposed to be "Lithium" for example their name was "Lithiu".     Everything begins falling apart and crashing down, but then we switch songs and we have something somewhere between post rock and classic rock.     Guitar note patterns begin repeating as it sounds less like metal and more like vocals might possibly come out.

That's how Side A ends and as I spent some time looking into it I found out that the metal band I was previously thinking of is called Liturgy and huge shout out/thanks to Metal Underground for helping me figure that one out (   On Side B we're back to rocking, maybe not as metal as before, but something between an instrumental Nirvana and Mudhoney so still really solid, sort of heavy stuff.   (Also possibly still some sludge)

Singing in an almost screaming sense comes out and this reminds me of some of those old Nirvana demos but in a much better way because they have the same raw edge to them but production-wise seem far more polished.    Through some surf/garage vibes I hear only more of Nirvana but then it all shifts into these almost tribal rhythms with weird, high pitched noises and an audio clip on repeat with them as well.   This has gone from grunge to full on rave I'd imagine.

And then the screaming starts.    The drums and cymbals come back in as well and mayhem ensues.    There is some chanting of vocals now and then the guitar notes shine through like distorted synth in their Who-ringing ways.    After a somewhat normal rock song with drums and all we get into this skipping drone that sounds like what my CD player used to do when it would break.    Some shooshing and now a noise that sounds like a cat meowing.

As vocals once again make their return in this mostly instrumental display they have a trippy effect that has me thinking of The Doors for whatever reason.     I'm going to leave it on that note too because this is just such a blend of different styles of music that I feel like you should listen to it when you're somewhere safe but by yourself.     I cannot guarentee that it will have a profound affect on you but it certainly has had one on me.

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