Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cassette Review: Christoff Riedel "AUDIT" (VERYDEEPRECORDS)

[€6 // Edition of 35 //]

Most of the time the way that my reviewing cassettes works is that I email someone and then I get a cassette in the mail and remember having that email conversation with them.    Every once in a while I get something from a label at random and they either have sent me music before or somehow got my address without my knowing.    My first look at this cassette had me wondering whether or not I requested it but then when I saw the label I immediately remembered VERYDEEPRECORDS and knew I was in for something special.

When "AUDIT" begins there are synth whirrs and space noise.   It has that sense of becoming some sort of space odyssey with the laser rhythms and all, but then knocking beats come into play with some other sounds that just begin to channel hip hop.   It may or may not be chillwave as well.   High pitched swirls and piano note bliss loops come out next and I still have that instrumental hip hop genre in the back of my mind.    A saxophone is heard next, followed by cymbal slides and then dialtone trone takes us away from the elements of hip hop.

Uplifting tones come out after the dialtone drone and we have moved away from the moderately paced hip hop heard earlier and this side has slowed down to become almost the inverse of what it once was.    Quieter and tranquil this seems to become the sounds heard within the beginning that weren't focused on-- the moments between the beats if you will.   Side A, though it began with a punch, ends by droning out.

Right away, Side B starts with jazz improvisation and then finds some distorted beats.   There are melodies galore in here and then dark string tones come out and I'm almost hearing some sort of western vibe within this part.   This changes in the next section as I can hear oriental tones and then the drum machine begins knocking beats bringing us back full circle to the hip hop from Side A.

"AUDIT" ends with upbeat tones set in a rhythm that really is the only way befitting for this to conclude as it has gone through so many changes throughout and to borrow a phrase it had been there and back again.   I wasn't really sure what to expect here musically because I never really am but I knew it was going to be good.    This one is not to be missed as it is the very personification of what should be on cassettes yet also is just exemplary on its own.

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