Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Record Review: Boyracer "Pete Shelley EP" (Emotional Response Records)

[$6 // http://jenandstew.com/item/-BOYRACER-pete-shelley-EP---VINYL-and-download-EP/218/c11]

This will be my second Emotional Response 7" review and I love Boyracer, have for quite some time, and this is four songs on the 7" and six to download overall (so you get two bonus downloaded songs)   Now one of my concerns when I went from the Hulaboy 7" review to this one was that perhaps people might just want to buy the download as it is more songs and not have the record, but I feel that if you're a fan of this type of rock music you probably collect records and the idea of Boyracer on record makes you want to give up your money.

Plus the songs on this EP are more evenly distributed between physical and digital than the Hulaboy 7", and yeah, this does right out say it is an EP and not a full length.    So you can just as easily buy these four songs plus two more as a download and feel like you're saving money but if you're reading this review and are on this site odds are you enjoy physical music as I do.

These songs themselves remind me of something between Superdrag and the Replacements but the fact is that you don't want to look too far into the comparison list for Boyracer because eventually it will become one of those chicken/egg problems of who actually influenced whom.

"Jump" brings out a lot of fun and reminds me of why I fell in love with Boyracer to begin with, though there is still that serious edge to their music.   Either way, if this is your first time hearing Boyracer or a re-introduction of sorts to them or a "Whoa, they're still around" moment for you, this 7" is a must have for your collection and that's coming from someone with a rather limited collection of vinyl.

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