Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Record Review: Cursory "La Sorcière" (Tested Souls)

[$7 // Edition of 250 // https://testedsouls.bandcamp.com/album/la-sorci-re]

This is not my first time hearing Cursory, yet since the previous cassette had Bryan Lewis Saunders on it I'm not sure what to expect and on vinyl at that!

The first track opens with the humming of a drone.   It has pieces of static which borders on harsh noise.    These cut in and out in waves as they please, making for an interesting sound yet one to imply that doom is coming.    With some vibrating of the synth the track comes to a close.

Next (a flip of the record?) we hear sonic boom blasts reigning down like the dinosaur footsteps in "Jurassic Park".    This continues as the booms get drawn out.   Some dooming noises kick in that sound like a clock striking midnight only, you know, in a distorted and somewhat terrifying way.   As quickly and painfully as the first track began this whole thing, the second just sort of quietly fades out.

I've always been one to wonder about this sort of music- noise if you want a giant generic banner- on vinyl as it tends to sound best to me on cassette (Though everything would probably sound best to me on cassette and this should be a cassette too) but this just works well on record and I feel like no matter what medium it was recorded onto it would thrive.

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