Friday, January 16, 2015

Cassette Review: ULTRALYD "Geneva 13.10.2010" (Drid Machine Records)

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As I've listened to a number of different artists on Drid Machine and most recently PSUDOKU before this, it's worth noting that this just doesn't have as heavy of a sound musically as those who came before it. Being that this is live I feel as if it might have those qualities of a free flow jazz, improvised type of deal like Stephanie Lak or the Small Scale Music cassettes reviewed before this, but the fact is that it doesn't even really fit in with those too well.

At first this is a mixture of drums and high pitched tones that make doot-doot sounds.   It's really percussion heavy (Though not heavy like hardcore or metal, you see) and it gets into this undeniable groove.    There are horns and lasers and it could be along the same lines as jazz somehow but it really isn't quite jazz per se.

Within the sounds come this sort of jungle feel and as such I'm not really sure where to place this because it's just that overall feel of something that hasn't been done yet.    It's a hypnotic voodoo that could be traced back to older rock bands such as Santana and Traffic, even someone modern such as The Lot Six could come out musically in some ways, but it's not something you can place your finger on.

ULTRALYD is too focused on rock music to be strictly electronic in its nature, thus avoiding those junge beat sounds mentioned earlier, but at the same time it's too close to the electronic border walls for it to be a straight up rock joint, perhaps like Aloha or something of that nature.   So really this is just its own genre and needs to be heard to believe but it is just that damn good.

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