Friday, January 16, 2015

Cassette Review: PSUDOKU "Planetarisk Sudoku MC" (Drid Machine Records)

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After listening to this cassette through for the first time, I immediately searched for PSUDOKU on Bandcamp for more music.   I found out that this is actually their second release so hooray for me.    This is hard and this is chaos.     It's instrumental except for a brief part on Side B that has some "ahh" type of sounds.

It's hard to compare this with another band, though it seems like it should be simple enough to say "It's like ____ only without the vocals".    Right away I thought of Dillenger Escape Plan and further on through I could hear He Is Legend coming out as well.    Pieces of a band like Primus come out as well and not just because of these wicked bass lines.

Hints of metal, lasers firing on all channels and possibly even some math thrown in for good measure, the one thing I can definitely say that I hear in this on Side A is a cross between Doctor Who, a horror movie and the greatest rock opera never to be heard.    Okay, so maybe that's not one thing so much as three things but that just goes to show you how deeply complex this music is and why you should put it in, crank it up and rock the fuck out.

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