Friday, January 16, 2015

Cassette Review: ■ david wallraf "mo' 005 DAVID WALLRAF" (mo' tapes)

[€5 // Edition of 77 //]

This cassette begins with a whirring rush that takes us into a series of timed beeps.   I can't really compare the beeps to anything because they hold their own sound and pattern, but it could be similar to some as to how a drumbeat works or maybe even a guitar note or that sort of idea.    This carries over into some static and there is a definite Pong feeling.    Some harsh, sharp feedback comes into play next and this is just layering and building.

It turns into what is the second movement and this is filled with haunting, hollow and almost laughing sounds.    Bug zapper laser blasts take us into something seemingly heavier and harsher.      This seems to be the final movement though as a grinding and steady drone takes us through the rest of Side A and seemingly ends off exactly where it was intended.

For Side B we begin with the sonic boom of doom which brings on sharp feedback and some muffled talking.    There is a sort of tribal chanting vibe followed by strings being plucked in a swampy way which also has some hints of that Return of the Jedi Atari vibe.    This is a laser space opera with a lot of static.    It builds into beats and then begins layering again.  

As it is borderline harsh noise once again, through some crackling this does eventually come crashing down into a full out HNW.    It then begins to skip in the static, sort of like Nine Inch Nails, and then there is a dial tone harsh buzz.    Softer static takes us into the end, which is eventually met with a crackling of static water.

One of the biggest reasons why I like this and think everyone else should be listening to it as well is that it has that noise quality to it (which is such a general term) combined with what I think to be field recordings.    Sometimes I couldn't place which one of the two it was or if it was simply trading off between the two, but when you realize the two are actually working together this just becomes so beautiful.

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