Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cassette Review: SIMPLE CHEMISTRY "SIMPLE CHEMISTRY" (Illuminated Paths)

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I might be trying to refrain from calling everything on Illuminated Paths vaporwave now, but this is kind of close and the closest I've come to it in a while.    It begins with Miami Vice/Knight Rider sort of 8bit synth tones and then there are audio clips spliced in.   I just imagine some television series from the 1980's where a car is driving around really fast.    This does, eventually, transition into a much more upbeat rhythm which can be known simply as DANCE.

There are elements that make me think Gir could dance to this and there are also a lot of those drum claps that I believe only can come from a drum machine.    I don't know why, but if this is 8bit (and it at least has 8bit qualities to it) rather than it being Nintendo based (which is how I hear all 8bit music since it is usually made using Game Boys) I think of this as being Sega, which isn't really better or worse but just different (The story of Sega's life).

Within sonic synth drops there is this one part that goes doo-doo-doo-doo-doot <pause> bum-bum-bump and I really like that.    There is uplifting synth, loops and at the end of Side A there is a song that could possibly be saying "Paw Patrol" (google it) but might also be saying "Riders on the Storm" and it could be a sped up version of that Doors classic.

Side B is slightly more pop than what we heard on Side A and it has hints of Aqua in that sense, and if you know me and the music that I listen to, no, being compared to Aqua is not an insult.   (Listen to them beyond "Barbie Girl" for reasons why)    It also likes to say what I believe is "Bourista" a lot and I'm not sure what that means because all I can hear is "Batista", you know, the pro wrestler/Drax the Destroyer.  

While I'm sure this has been written before because pretty much everything has been done already, to take this as sort of being synthwave but adding something else to it I want to put this in a genre called synth.wav which if you understand music and computers will hopefully speak for itself.    If it already exists as a genre and I'm misusing it I apologize but the general idea still stands and this is just all around standout quality music right here that you need to put on and get up and move.

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