Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cassette Review: NUNDATA "Sensory Oversimulation" (Autistic Campaign)

[€4 - €6// Edition of 50 // //]

Nundata is becoming one of those artists that the more and more I listen to them the more I like what I hear.    Eventually, I wouldn't mind hearing every piece of music by Nundata but it's funny because these cassettes do seem to have a way of popping up on labels with other artists that I enjoy.   This makes it easier to find all of these Nundata cassettes because you don't really have to spend time seeking them out so much as that they just sort of come to you.

On "Sensory Oversimulation" Nundata stands on the border of harsh noise with bouts of distorted static the likes of which you've never heard before.   With ringing laser drone, scratches as if on balloons and beeps like fax modems there is a definite genre of noise here but what is contained within that is where Nundata always seems to excel.

Some sonic booms of doom bring me into what I have since dubbed "harsh looping" and I'm not sure if I've ever had to type that before but it probably does exist somewhere else because, you know, everything kind of does.     Through siren-like cries this cassette just really pushes your buttons.   It doesn't ever get quite as harsh or heavy as other things I've heard, but it keeps going to that edge and pulling back from it.    I do feel at times as if it's just messing with me (or the listeners in general) because it makes you think it's going to kick in that extra bit and never does, which takes you off of your guard only to repeat the cycle.

As if the sharp feedback and sea of endless static distortion isn't enough to have you feeling something, there is just an overall haunting sense to this that makes it somewhat terrifying.   I can't quite put my finger on the vibe but it's as if something is about to jump out at you in a horror movie and as such you're constantly on the edge of your seat but that scare never comes.     Combining that with the other ways this seems to play tricks on your ears makes for quite an experiment- and undoubtedly one worth your taking- even if this time around we are the subjects rather than the onlookers.


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