Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cassette Review: TORTURING NURSE & FILTHY TURD "Mechanical organ" (Autistic Campaign)

[€4 - €6// Edition of 60 // //]

While this might not mark my first time hearing Torturing Nurse (I've listened to the artist before just never reviewed them as far as I remember) I can say that I've seen the name Filthy Turd around (It's not the type one tends to forget) but never actually heard the music associated with it.    This is actually a collaboration between the two artists though, as opposed to a split cassette, and as such it might not give you as much insight as to the individual artists but as it still leaves me with a good feeling I think it is still fair to say that if you like them together you will like them apart and vice versa.

There are some sorts of singing and everything is distorted, right down to the vocals saying "Little Dog" repeatedly and in various ways.    Through 8bit laser shots come those swooshed around FX which lead into an eventual sound of being possessed by a demon.    It seems only fitting that I can hear this as being such because laughing comes into play as well here, but it is done so as a demonic sort of laughter.    Side A ends with a lot of distortion and that's really one of the key themes to this cassette.

Side B has slower talking, of course more distortion and guitar riffs.    Words come out in a repetition that reminds me of a record skipping.     This is somehow hollow and booming at the same time, which seems like something that couldn't happen because of the hollow sound lacking most sounds and the booming being full of it, but these two artists somehow manage to pull it off.     There are also some Transformers noises but this is just one of those experiences you need to be taken through yourself to truly appreciate.

When it comes to classifying music into genres or subgenres I've never really been a fan because even if someone is playing the same exact songs as someone else they still put their own unique spin on it in some ways.     Luckily (?) for me, I don't have to worry about this problem with "Mechanical organ" because this just has no genre to fit into.    Listening to it, I never once came up with a comparison point to another artist (which I usually can do) and more so I never really thought of it as being even sort of like one of the normal genres I'd go to with this vibe happening, whether it be noise or electronica or whatever.  

Should you need reasons to listen to this other than the fact that it defies all genres, just know that it is rather good and the combination of two obviously talented artists who will shine on their own but have come together to bring you this and as such you should be appreciative.

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  1. Clearly a bogus release, probably entered here by the same person behind "ywllow-debby
    ' to vandalize the database, as this appeared at the same time as all of that users vandalism of the other 6 artists going by Filthy Turd...