Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: Standridge with ZZ "Volume II: Teacher and Student"

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This begins with noise sounds that range from everything of the Jay Peele glass session kind to those Oriental tones that are borderline Indian.   In many ways, as I listen to the opening tracks on this CD, I feel as if it is a demonstration of this type of music, a how-to or blueprint in some ways for those who aspire to create something similarly.

However, by "Tiny River" pianos of doom do come out to shift the tone and create a new atmosphere that once seemed so innocent and has since become so lost and dark.     This becomes silenced by an audio clip and then these tones that I can't quite explain come out and they just sound magestical.

It's not quite a hospital vibe to the tones but then this whistling comes out that isn't a flute or another instrument I can place my finger on directly but it has a certain bamboo stick quality to it that I suppose could be true if someone was to hollow one out and create such a tool.  ("Mighty River" is the song of which I speak)

Overall this is just a great example of music that I will most likely find myself referring back to a lot in the future.   You, however, should have this on repeat because the future is now.

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