Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: Mr. Natural "I Cooked Your Eggs" (Gender-less Kibbutz)

I can't find this CD on Bandcamp or anywhere that you could purchase it outside of Amazon and maybe Discogs, but it does link on the back of it to a site that is no longer registered.   Discogs says it's from 2003, which is over ten years old, and I can't seem to find much other information on it so regardless of how I feel about it if you should so desire it you might have to spend some time tracking it down.  (Or pay $14.98 to Amazon apparently)

This is mechanical, grinding static on the verge of harsh noise.   There are Transformers sounds but also elements of Star Wars to it or just something set in space as well.   My computer thinks this track is from 1994 for some reason, but whether it was then or 2003 this is fairly advanced for the time it was created because I seem to hear more of this from the 2010's than not.

So if harsh noise mixed with electronica is your jam then this would be for you and it is wonderful.   I checked my notebook and it does appear as if this CD came with the X Narrative cassette so you *may* be able to talk to them about getting this but don't hold me to that.   Either way, this is one that might be hard to track down but is oh so worth it.

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