Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: The Glimmer Blinkken "Bernard Ruix Wedding Album"

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I'm not going to lie and say that I can pinpoint the exact sound of The Glimmer Blinkken but I can at least give you some examples of their sound.   At the very first song they have this driving rock n roll sound not too much unlike Steppenwolf, that is at least musically.  When the vocals kick in and I can hear some organs or some such keys with the psychedelic sounds otherwise I'm looking straight at The Doors.

As the songs go on they become a little bit thrash, a little bit like if Primus threw a circus.  (I know Primus is doing that Willy Wonka thing, but wouldn't a circus be kind of neat?)   There are horns and as such that usually brings out the obligatory ska reference and I do kind of hear some ska in here *maybe* but a lot more of it is just the Aquabats.

"Feelings" has a nice Flock of Seagulls rocking vibe going on before the vocals kick in.   But perhaps the most telling of all of the songs is "Tullips" and as it doesn't really remind me of any other band specifically I did enjoy as soon as I heard it and my liking only continues to grow.    And that is the true tell of this band and perhaps the only thing that matters is that if one of their songs that can establish their own sound is this good then they have to be a keeper.

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