Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: ARU "Consumed"

[$5 // Edition of 100 //]

If I can assume that vaporwave is what happens when electronic music is combined with the smooth flow of hip hop (That's my best guess right now) then I can only wonder as to what kind of genre ARU can fit into as this music is a mix of eletronica and noise.    This isn't my first time hearing ARU because there was a split cassette I remember reviewing back there once, but in many ways I do feel like "Consumed" is my hearing ARU for the first time all over again.

There are electronic pieces to this as I'm reminded of Everything But the Girl and the "Run Lola Run" soundtrack.   Even when the bass lines begin to hum like The White Stripes they eventually find their way into that booming electronic sound once again.    It gets into club and even dance on some levels, yet then can also just as easily take a turn into beeps and sonar and other various noise qualities.

Whether this is electronic or noise or some combination of the two, the fact remains that there is an undeniable amount of energy to "Consumed".    Whenever I listen to music I always have to ask myself "What does this bring to the table?"   In this instance, ARU is bringing energy and a whole lot of it.   You can't front on that.

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