Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas "Secret Evil" (Instant Records)

While it would be easy to simply put Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas into a box such as saying that the music sounds like that of Adele (There are hints of "Rumor Has It" here and there) so much more is going on within these songs that I'm not even sure how many times you have to listen to it in order to experience them all but I'm well on my way.

This has hints of country and hints of punk, which makes me also think of hints of rockabilly.    I find myself wondering whether or not country music can include horns before deciding this has a certain ska vibe to it as well, that Save Ferris spy vibe we all know and love.

A song like "Cry Cry Cry" is slower and full of dreamy, Buddy Holly moments while there is still an undoubted fury under these songs and for whatever reason I can hear some Dolly Parton.   Look, you can compare this with current artists on the radio all you want the fact is that I don't really listen to them but I find myself enjoying this.

Somehow I could also see Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas inside a smoky, dimly lit club somewhere.    A virtual lounge act, somewhat like Jessica Rabbit (Who it is weird is my only point for reference on such matters)   I especially enjoy how Hernandez's accent can be heard as she sings slowly, solemnly and personally.

Much like Johnny Cash took country music and said "It might be done like that, but I'm doing it like this", Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are redefining conventional genres and given the current state of music it is all really for the best.

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