Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: Chemiefaserwerk "SMITTEN" (sqrt)

[15 PLN //]

These are three songs on a mini-CD and I do believe I might start a strict review policy of mini-CDs only.   I don't know what it is but I just love these little bastards.

"SMITTEN" begins with an ambient drone sound that has that pleasant synth feel and it reminds me of Lost Trail.    This continues with back and forths before the organ type of bliss breaks out and the first song comes to an end.

The second track has mechanical beats, distorted winds, sonar beeping, rattling, R2D2 bumblebee whispers and percussion mixed with booms.    The third track is somehow like the first two combined as it has that Lost Trail feel back to it but then it also ends with a whole lot of R2D2 beeps.

Overall this is a fine piece of music that if presented to me digitally would be easily enjoyable because if it came that I needed the space on my flashdrive I'd just burn it onto a CD.    The fact that it is on a mini-CD just makes it a thousand times better (And it is already pretty awesome)


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